Intervention Studies on Forgiveness Journal Article 1 Essay

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Intervention Studies on Forgiveness
Daulphinia Glover
Liberty University

Summary In the journal article titled “Intervention Studies on Forgiveness” by Thomas W. Baskin and
Robert D. Enright is a meta-analysis study on interventions that are conducted to determine if the interventions that are being utilized are effective when it comes to forgiveness. In the early case studies it was “suggested that forgiveness might be helpful for people who have experienced deep emotional pain” (Baskin & Enright, 2004, p. 79). A forgiveness intervention helps to develop and recognize that benevolence and empathy for others who has either been emotionally, mentally and physically abused. These three areas are just
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Although I never had the opportunity to receive any amends from anyone I have learned that my forgiveness for the guilt and shame that I carried for years was nailed to the cross for me. My heart and mind have been renewed with peace, love, understanding, humility and wisdom and I am truly forever grateful for this. For God to bring me through everything and still love me through it all is just one of the awesome things that God gives to all.

Application The journal helped to broaden my understanding of forgiveness when counseling clients. The skills and techniques that I will utilize with clients will determine the outcome of their willingness to work on forgiveness. The importance of self-forgiveness will become one of the tools that I will utilize with clients on learning how self-forgiveness can be a healing tool for other areas of their lives. The authors that have researched and used some of these models in their areas of the therauptic counseling on clients that have been stuck in the cycle of forgiveness has provided me with the documentation that is needed to work with individuals that are struggling with forgiveness. It will important to know and understand the depths of the forgiveness that is required from clients may come from years of