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Terrance Duff Duff1
College Comp II

Interveing in other countries problems has never been beneficial towards the United States. The US has overthrown legitimately elected democratic governments in other countries and installed military dictatorships. I can not think of one country where the US has intervened where a democracy was established as a result, but I can only find countries where undemocratic governments were established. I believe in fixing our own coun tries problems before telling others how they should handle theirs. Even at the cost of lives, it should not be our main priority to get involved with foreign affairs. The United States should not invade another country like syria to save human lives. Since World War two, the US and Russia have been at war for influence over other countries. Instead of confronting each other openly and directly, the United States and the Russia have chosen to oppose and compete with each other through third parties. The internal weakness of most new and emerging nations requiring foreign support and the revolutionary situation in many of them give the great powers the opportunity of doing so. The United States and the Soviet Union have interjected their power into the domestic conflicts of weak nations. I find this to be selfish, when the US enters a nation to “help,” we really just want to put an influence over that country. Instead of just helping out, we treat it as a “we scratch your back, you scratch ours kind of deal.”
I find it funny that so many people still think America engages in wars for the sake of "democracy". The U.S. acts as the so called "police state" for one reason, and one reason only: financial and limited-resource gains. We would install non-democratic governments if there were benefits for American interests in those countries. When there is money to be made and little need to worry about elections or other political and financial tidbits, you better believe our government would find a reason to get involved. I'm dumbfounded at the people who believe that America has a "moral" right to help…