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Running Head: Interview #3

Interview #3
Principles of Management
Mayville State University
Jamal Branco
November 16, 2014

Author Note:
Interview #2 is being submitted to Professor Robert Johnston on November 16, 2014, by Jamal Branco as part of his studies in Principles of Management at Mayville State University

The person I chose to interview is Mr. Nate Engelhardt. I met Nate my first year of college when he came to speak at our school. His business background with some athletics immediately attracted and made me honestly think about what I wanted to go to school for. Nate joined IMG Academy in October 2014 as the Program Manager after spending the last six years working within collegiate athletics. Previously he was with the men’s basketball program at Florida State University helping manage the day-to-day operations, as well as working with student-athletes to help them succeed at the highest level. In addition, Nate has spent time organizing basketball camps at Florida State University, as well as within the sports administration program and athletic department at Ohio University.

1. How do you define your role of management?
My role in the management of the basketball program at IMG Academy is very important. I handle the day-to-day operations of our program. I am tasked with managing our coaching staff in order to ensure our program is functioning properly. I have to communicate clearly with executive management to allow them to fully understand what is going on each day.
Personal Opinion: As a manager Nate usually deals with all the behind the scenes work such as setting up fundraisers, making sure all the travel buses and things are set up and other things like that. With Nate position I realized that sometimes you need certain people in the back ground doing the jobs that nobody wants to do. I realize that just because you’re a manager doesn’t mean you have to be just delegating jobs, doing all the jobs, but you can do a little bit of both. Yeah there are things that are better off being assigned to your workers but there are some jobs that as a manager it is better of that you do.
2. What is your approach toward management on a day to day basis?
I do not micro-manage. Everyone brings valuable skills to the table. I entrust in others to get tasks accomplished. In the event that these tasks do not get accomplished correctly, I will take it into my own hands from there. I lead by example, and I am willing to do whatever it takes in order to get the job done.
Personal Opinion: I think that sometimes managers look to delegate and pass off jobs that they should be doing to their workers. Now after a while some of your employees are going to start thinking that as a manager you don’t do anything and then that’s when things will start changing. Employees will start to get frustrated with their manager and will complain that they don’t do anything. As a manger I think just like Nate does lead by example and show them that it’s not just them working so that they are motivated to get the jobs that you assign them done.
3. What conflicts do you face in managing on a day to day basis?
Everyone has a different personality. You have to fully understand how each person within the organization functions in order to be as efficient as possible within the work place. When stepping into a new environment, it is a challenge to learn how each staff member works. Once this is defined, it can be easily managed from there. Each person may have different viewpoints. Working with individuals who may have varying viewpoints on the way things should be managed can be potential conflicts.
Personal Opinion: As Nate stated his conflicts are learning who the people he works with and how to manage them the right way as an individual. There are many conflicts that come with managing but I honestly think that learning the right way to manage your workers is the hardest part because, if the relationship is not there