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The purpose of this report is to interview an administrator of a local- nonprofit human service agency. This writer has chosen the Salvation Army. This writer interviewed , the Assistant Program Director for the Adult Rehabilitation Center. This writer will identify; Ms. White’s typical day at work, administrative challenges, evaluate the political implication, agency collaborations, and future trends in human service field.
Brief description of the agency
The Salvation Army’s Adult Rehabilitation Center provides help for men who have been victims of substance abuse. The Adult Rehabilitation Center is a non-profit men residential work-therapy program that allows men to cope with their daily issues, seek self-control while receiving spiritual, social and emotional assistance. The Salvation Army (ARC) is a Christian faith-based program that has a combination of employment opportunities and allows participants up to 90 days of residential drug and alcohol treatment. The Family Stores are available for participants who are seeking employment before and after they have been released from the program. The Salvation Army’s mission statement (2011), “At the center of The Salvation Army’s work in is a commitment to share God’s love by serving others. Programs have changed throughout the years but consistently focus on Relief, Renewal and Response – providing immediate assistance, long-term growth and many ways to serve.”
Interview Questions
1. Describe a typical day at your current position at the Salvation Army? According to Ms. White, she stated that her typical day consists of the following; checking emails, checking voice messages, returning phone calls, and adding notes in the system from the previous day. Ms. White is responsible for helping participants achieve stability, obtain employment, and motivate them to become self-sufficient. Here is a brief overview of the Assistant Program Director's daily job duties; complete new participant's assessments to determine their interests, needs, and to develop an on-going case plan. On Mondays and Thursdays, Ms. White instructs The Celebrate to Recovery (CR) class. The Celebrate of Recovery is a twelve step program based on biblical principles. Participants are able to cope with other participants while sharing spiritual experiences.
2. How do you cope with multiple assignments? “During The Celebrate to Recovery class participants are divided into small groups and have spiritual time. Participants are in the group for ten minutes; praying for healing and reading scriptures from the bible. After CR group worshiping participants and I have bible study. Once bible study is over the participants share different testimonies . Ms. White stated "After a busy day at work, I look forward to going to the CR class with the men; this time helps me effectively discharge any stress that has been accumulated throughout the day."
3. Do you consider your job to be overwhelming?
My job can be very overwhelming but there is a cause and purpose behind all the stress and frustration. Being able to hear those men's testimonies and the impact Salvation Army staff members have made on their lives outweigh the stress and frustrations."
By this agency being a non-profit organization is the pay reasonable? "My pay should be based on salary and not hourly. The reason for this is because Salvation Army does not receive government funding, the agency runs only on donations."

Administrative Challenges
Ms. White stated that she encounters challenges at her job daily. The job in itself is a challenge. Shift changes daily. She stated that there are days she is working until nine at night due to the needs of the participants. The Salvation Army is here to accommodate the participants with everyday needs before reentering back into society. Ms. White stated that her job can be extremely overwhelming because of the different job duties that she is responsible for completing