Interview: Girl and Sydney Essay

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Sydney is a senior. She is involved in theater she does all the makeup; she is also involved in softball and has played softball ever since she was a little girl. “Do unto others as you would have done to you.” Is one of the quotes Sydney lives by, because she says “if someone doesn’t respect you then how do they expect me to respect them?” July 4th, 2012 was one of the most significant experiences that Sydney has ever experienced, Her best friend died in a car accident, and since then it made Sydney realize that life is too short, and you never really know when your life or someone else’s life is going to end.
Sydney gave herself a seven out of ten on how she evaluated her past eleven years of school, because she thinks that she has tried but not 100 percent. Sydney is dreading math because God didn’t give her the mathematics ability. She is looking forward to Biblical Integration because she will be able to connect with the girls in her class. She thinks that M&M will be most beneficial because it is going to push her out of her comfort zone, and push her spiritually as well. Sydney enjoys reaching out to people, especially the ones that are hurting because she feels like she can relate, and it gives her the opportunity to share God’s love and grace to them. Through all of Sydney’s strengths and special qualities there is one thing she would like to change about herself. She doesn’t like she is too shy because that can really effect what she enjoys doing, so she would like to be more active with…