Interview: Interview and Typical Career Path Essay

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Suggested Interview Questions

This document provides sample questions for the interview required for the EPIC. Your conversation should focus on the individual’s experiences and career, his or her view of what is needed to be successful, and answers to questions you have about how to get started on that path. You do not have to ask all of these questions and you may add others.

For your write-up, describe some of the key insights you gained from this interview. A verbatim transcript of your interview is not necessary but may be included for your own future use.

Possible Questions (Again, these are suggestions, not required.)

How did you end up in this position? Tell me a little bit about your career path.
Audit assistant, depends on industry real estate. Prep of work papers and confirmations low level audit procedures supports senior role or manager. handles easier more straight forward work debt, fixed assets, A/P, A/R building analytics, expectations, investigate variances (quartlery) year-end gets more hectic

What factors have been most critical to your success? excel skills, personal skills, networking, knowing how to deal with people (of all different attitudes)
What if anything would you have done differently?

What are the minimum requirements for your job (or the job that you—the student—wants)?

What is the best way to get your “foot in the door” in this field (or industry)?

What is the typical career path? What jobs could I advance to over time?

What is the most rewarding aspect of your