Essay on Interview: Medicine and Bulk Billing Charge

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The concept of bulk billing charge nothing is very helpful to some cases however, in many cases it does not work like that. I partially disagree with the statement as every coin has its two sides. According to the researchers I can see another part of the coin.
There are several reasons for me to disagreeing with the statement. A considerable proportion of the bulk-billing beneficiaries are those who drive luxury cars and live in extra decorated houses for them bulk billing system is a system which cover their cost of surgical procedure whenever they need so outskirts where the economics mean the given system make sure the surgical procedure.( Bulk-billing helps needy. (2012, Jan 13). For example some of the people think they required cosmetic surgeries even they do not required. For those types of people bulk billing is part a beneficial business. On the other point of view, the middle class people who pay taxes are take health benefits only when they are in need. For an instance the common person only goes to his/her General Practitioner when he/she genuinely sick and then they got their treatments as per their requirements. The middle man who treated by doctors by the circle of bulk billing, pay taxes to their governments. However, the jobless persons can be benefited from the bulk billing system. The date presents that government has started from 1% tax for the medical levy in 1984 and it gradually increase with time the current rate i.e. is surcharged Medicare levy is1.5% of taxable income. However, according to Australian government, the data shows that in 2002-03 the money that has been spent on health care systems by the commonwealth was $33.377 billion. The Medicare levy had only 14.9% of total contribution. (Biggs, A. (2004).

The another reasons why I disagree with the statement which stated that bulk billing does not charge anything is the appointment system, for an instance if a lady got pregnant 1st she need to take an appointment with general practitioner then she need to see midwife with where she describe her detail history then she have to gone through lab tests. If everything become positive then she meet with her consultant. The point here I want to put on is the time? Even she is not paying anything but still she need to go to a doctor whenever he/she is available and this whole process take few sittings means she is losing money from her salary. The lady is tax payer so in her case bulk billing is partially benefited. A large portion of government is depending on tax payers to manage the health budgets. To reduce the errors in medical care systems the experts discover the system of computerized physician order entry (CPOE).( Ash,J, 2003) This advance system made to improve the health care industry. The other invention of ICT is e-health system. The personally health control system (PCEHR) can be operated by the patients which gives a better view to people for their health as well as