Five Adjectives That Describe You

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tTell me a little about yourself?

In highshool I was involved in sports, I played soccer as well as competitive tennis. After Graduating highschool I continued to volunteer at some of the organizations where I was committed to, I took some time off to work and save a little bit of money, I started to work then started to attend my bachelor of science degree. I continued to work and attend school as well as volunteered in a clinical setting because my ultimate goal was to attend medical school, I started working at sigma in 2007 where I found my success in sales after a year, I continued to volunteer and started at Fraser Health where I found helping others in a medical setting was something for me. I continued to do my routine of juggling work volunteer and school and completed my degree by 2012. I moved to New York got married and eventually after being accepted into medical school and speaking to many friends I decided that medical school is not for me because of the politics a doctor is not the role for me. I wanted a combination of being In the health field and bettering peoples lives, combined with a passion of sales from a successful career that showed me my competitive nature did come in handy.

What are five adjectives that describe you?

Modest, driven, passionate, curious, hungry for knowledge, competitive, hard working, motivated., goal oriented, resilient.

What is your greatest weakness?

I would say It is paying attention to detail and sometimes not seing the big picture, however I have learned in times of stress or stressful situations to stop, step back, and look at it through an outside prespective then decide my new attack plan then start again from either another angle or another mind set.

Tell me about a decision you made in the last year?

I have always wanted to be in the medical field, I didn’t chose nuring because I like to be a leader and have done a lot of leadership roles during my volunteering. so I pursued medicine and aligned my life to be a doctor. However over the years as I discovered my success in sales, and learning more and more about medicine as many of my friends are doctors, it turns out its not direct patient care to my standards, there are a lot of politics involved and by the time you want to help your patient and really go the extra mile you cant becaue the nature of the work forces you to keep moving forward because of insurance companies, people you need to see per day, management etc. I figured that the best job for me would be a combination of sales and healthcare which would be a position such as this one.

Do you have any questions?

What are some qualities a rep should possess to make them successful in this role???

Yes, without worrying about hurting my feelings what are some strengths and weaknesses you think I may posess for this job??

Finding out weaknesses, try to counteract it and justify it.

If they ask again if I have question I say…okay I can fix this by blab la and blab la, given what I have told you, and my strengths which I think

Tell me about your proudest achievement.???

In 2005 I was working volunteering and going to school for my bachelors degree when my fiancée was in a tragic car accednt