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Interview Assignment
A Biography of your Interview Partner

• The finished interview should be at least 550 words in length.
• There will be at least one quote “source” from the interviewee preceded by their name. In citation language, their name is an ‘attributive tag’. • The attributive tag should direct the reader to the
Works Cited page that is directly under the top draft. • The top draft should be error free in grammar.


• This can be done in first person perspective, or third. • The design or approach is fairly open.
• Some writers use a Q & A format for their interview
(As used in magazines). If this is utilized, it is suggested that the student employ a lengthy introduction paragraph and a long conclusion paragraph to frame the Q & A.

• The genre or type of paper will be called

Ideas & Suggestions
• Start the interview simply; what is your favorite color? Type of music? Etc. Make sure to get a full name and an email address.
• What is their five year plan?
• What is or has been their greatest challenge in life?
• As the interview progresses, stories will be told, hopefully true ones. A related story or two can flesh out your project in regards to length requirements.

The Serendipity Framing Technique
• Many students use this strategy. The beginning of their paper details first impressions, which are often stereotypical and often (though not always) false.
• The writer proceeds with the biography.
• The conclusion relates back to the original impression, and the writer decides how