Essay on Interview: Patient and Health Records

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LP3: ASSIGNMENT INTERVIEW A HIM PROFESSIONAL I thought I would start my interview paper with my personal meaning of Healthcare Information Management (HIM), it is the practice of the maintenance and care of health records for the patients. I decided to go with the hospital setting, I chose to go to Lovelace hospital and interview a HIM specialist 1, she requested I not use her name when writing this so i agreed to use initials. LT has been working in the feild for over 25 years, she has seen many changes. Her basic responsibilities are keeping the patient privacy and security and also making their records readily available. Her own personal opinion is the patient’s satisfaction is her main responsibility. One of the many changes she has witnessed in the long years she has been in the feild is watching manual record keeping turn to the now electronic age. It according to LT didn't lessen her work but gave it a new light, with some new excitement. LT stated some basic qualifications and skills you should have; attention to detail, data entry and reporting, be task-oriented, have good oral and written skills, able to communicate with the public , and basic knowledge of coding, also be able to jumble abandon amount of information, with little or no supervision. LT has no complaints about her position, other than she wished she would have had at least one good program to go study at the way we do today. She states she basically had to learn on her own.…