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Prepare one document per group. One person in your group should attach the group’s document to an email to me ( with all group members CC’d on the message. Include your class name (IBOM A, Marketing B, etc.) in the subject line.


Full Credit (1 point): The submission is complete, well developed, and contains minimal errors.
Half Credit (.5 point): The submission is complete, but may be slightly under developed or contain several small errors or one larger error.
No Credit (0 points): The submission may be incomplete, severely under developed, or contain multiple errors or omissions.


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Identifying your strengths and weaknesses will help you prepare for professional interviews and networking experiences. While it is difficult to predict exactly what employers will ask you during interviews, we can often make an educated guess that we will be asked to discuss successful and unsuccessful work/school projects and experiences. Most interviewers have identified certain key questions they will always ask interviewees, or they have identified certain answers they hope to hear from successful candidates.

Keeping this information in mind, please complete the following task in your small group.

Scenario: You work for a small company that will be hiring new summer interns this month. As a hiring manager, you need to create three interview questions to ask the potential interns.