Interview Reflection: Interview Two Women With Women

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For my interview reflection project I chose to not only interview one woman in my life but instead I chose to interview two women who mean alot to me. I interviewed my maternal grandmother Tacoma Sao(67) who was born and raised in Stockton her whole life. The other woman I interviewed is my great aunt who is my maternal grandfather’s sisters and her name is Lisa Sao (55) who was also born and raised in Stockton but later moved to New York, Colorado, and so on. I chose to pick these two women because for one I was interested in learning more about them because I have never really asked about their lives growing up. The other reason that I picked these two women is because their opinions and beliefs were extremely different. One is a conservative and one of them is liberal so listening to them to sort of debate and talk about different views was very interesting. Lastly, I picked these women because I do not get to see these two women very often so I really wanted to learn and hear stories that I have never heard before. I wanted to hear how they grew up and hear the similarities and differences …show more content…
I learned that families are not always going to have the same views and are definitely not always going to agree on social issues. For instance, I brought up planned parenthood in the interview and while me and Lisa love and support planned parenthood my grandma did not know much about it and referred to it as an abortion clinic. I quickly pulled out a powerpoint I made to prevent defunding planned parenthood to show her all the other services planned parenthood offers and how abortions were only the tiniest sliver. I taught her about it and she said she was going to look into it more and learn more about it. Overall this was a great experience and I am blessed to have such strong independent women in my