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Our interviewee: Rasel Rahman

Yanan: Hello, everyone, this is integrated marketing communication interview. Our group members are: Zhang Zhang, Yang Min, Zeng Zi, Li Yanan. Umm..We are now interviewing a Brummie, let him introduce himself.
Rasel: OK, hi, my name is Rasel. I‘m one of the personal banking managers working for one of the UKs largest banks in Britain, I am one of personal banking managers, I am just cooperating with these students regards to a marketing assignment.
Yanan: Ok, what is the activity of you?
Rasel: Well, the day-to-day activity of my job is, as working for Lloyds bank, which is one of largest companies in the UK, my day-to-day activity involves around helping customers who walks into our branches to help them with their finances. For example: try and help them save money, make them money and help them meet their goals in life. Lastly also help businesses in the UK prosper and together help the UK economy.
Yanan: OK, what IMC tools do you use? such as advertising, sales promotion, public relations, direct marketing, personal selling to communicate with different customer groups. Do you think which one is more useful and effective?
Rasel: My day-to-day activity involves interacting with customers using my own sales techniques, which helps me meet me my customer needs. Having my own individual sales skills helps me to become a successful manager in my job role find using my interpersonal and different communication techniques helps me promote products and services to customers which helps at the end of the day helps me sell the products. In addition to this, I find using the leaflets and brochures available in the branch to help me illustrate to customers the benefits of every product. As working for an established Bank, Lloyds is recognized as a brand, which people know the logo, which is a very strong brand. The company uses its own advertising on Television on peak times and also started to use radio adverts recently, which has been successful.
Yanan: ok, thanks, the next question, what do you need them for?
Rasel: well what I need it for is, specifically the Bank uses it to promote the company itself and the logo. I find that it does help me in my job role and also help me meet a lot customer needs walking in the branch but I do believe that it also gives the bank a competitive edge over its competitors and at the moment we also need these leaflets and brochures as a legal requirement by the government. So any products we offer customers and the customers take these out we do by law need to give these to them as well.
Yanan: Ok, can you collect visual evidence of IMC tools?
Rasel: Well Visual evidence is an integral part of my work, which helps me promote products to customers. Leaflets and brochures associated…