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Interview Summary
On the 16th of March, I interviewed Effie from a church I go to about her teenage life. In this task I will summarise the questions that I asked her and the answers she gave me.
Firstly, I will summarise 4 questions that I asked the interviewee and the answers she gave. I asked the interviewee to briefly introduce herself, describe her teenage life and what kind of person she was back then. I also asked her if she was ever stressed about her homework or exam results. She said that her name is Effie, she is currently working as an accountant and she loves to dance. She said that her teenage life was mainly good, she used to be a hard core feminist and she always stressed about her homework and exam results.
Next, I am going to summarise another four question I asked and the answers I received from my interviewee. I asked her if she had an obsession with something and what it was. Then I asked her to describe her dream career. She said that she use to have an obsession with American pop music band Back Street Boys and she doesn’t have a dream career. Then I asked her what she would do if she won a million dollars and what she would want to change about her teenage self. She then answer that if she won a million dollar she will help her family with finance problem and also donate part of the money to Charities. She said that if she can change something about her past, it would be to take easy and not push herself too much.
Lastly, I will finish by summarising