Interview: Teacher and Nz Teachers Council Essay

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Interview guidelines

The interview is to judge your ability to communicate your keenness to be an early childhood teacher and assess the suitability of your personality, characteristics etc., in becoming an early childhood teacher
It is important to speak to the interviewer and indicate your ability to communicate.
Ensure that you speak and communicate as best as you can.
If you are not clear about a question, it is good to rephrase the question as understood by you and check if you have understood the question before you give your answer. This way you will ensure you are answering the right question.
Be confident when speaking
We will be interested in your background and why you have chosen this field as a career and your experiences with children at work or at a personal level.

Following are some of the characteristics expected by NZ Teachers council from a teacher.

You could visit the following website to gain an idea of NZ teachers’ council requirements, for those intending to become teachers in New Zealand.

Fit to be a teacher
A statement about your fitness to be a teacher will be required from the learning centre where you last taught. A statement will also be required if you have been registered with the NZ Teachers Council before and have not taught since the last application.
To be judged fit to teach means you possess a range of personal qualities to operate in four domains: in the teaching/learning space (e.g. a classroom), in the learning centre (e.g. a school, early childhood centre), in the community and in the teaching profession. In each domain you will interact with learners, parents/whanau/caregivers, employers and colleagues and should at all times maintain high standards of:
Trustworthiness to: work independently and without supervision; meet any reasonable requirements for the protection and safety of others; preserve confidences.

demonstrate integrity to all contacts; respect persons and property; report clearly and truthfully.

take on responsibilities with due regard for time and place; meet the expectations of