Interview With The Owner Of The Eric Huang LLP C. P. A.

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Lili Xu
Professor Gail Marie
October 2, 2013

I interviewed, Mr. Huang, Chinese, and the owner of the Eric Huang LLP C.P.A, graduated from the University of Yale and earn the certification of C.P.A three years later after he got degree. The first question was how do you step into the area you current at? Why don’t you choose other type of job? He said that the area he is working on is fitting his major in the university; also he prefers to be an accountant. Right now he only wants to an accountant, and he really enjoys helping others to fix the accounting issues or business problem, such as tax issues. Next question was that as a successful businessman in the area, do you remember when you earned your first barrel of gold in life and under what kinds of circumstance? And what kind of the difficulties you have faced at that time. He told me he had got job training before he graduated, which made him having a lot opportunity to practice the accounting skills which he earn in the class. Although, it was so hard for him since the English is the second language and also the different culture made him cannot infuse with other colleagues in the office, the training experience helps him for later jobs. He has been working for the Deloitte Coopers as a consult, which is one of the big four accounting firms in the global, and he thinks this is the first barrel of gold he earned in life. The third question is what kind of efforts you made in your youth or childhood could be thought as a necessarily procedure guided you to your success. Maybe seems irrespective to your career at the beginning, but eventually it’s a good help or even the key to your success. He told me he graduated his high school in China with prefect score for the…