Interview With Thermatron

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On Saturday, April 21st, I interviewed David Lesser, one of three co-owners of Thermex Thermatron by telephone. I met Mr. Lesser through my father. My father shared some of his past business experiences with me and I thought he would be an interesting person to interview. He is a businessman who buys small profitable manufacturing companies. Thermex Thermatron is the industry leader in manufacturing large scale microwave technology for different industries such as aerospace, medical, and automotive. Mr. Lesser's position in the company is Chairman, however, he does much more. He is actively involved in the financial and sales aspect of the business. Mr. Lesser explained that since the customer base is limited due to the specialized products, finding new clients can be a challenge, but he enjoys the challenge and the rewards. …show more content…
Speaking with Mr. Lesser was interesting because I would like to own a business in the future and his position and leadership role in the company will help me define how to be successful as an entrepreneur. As a result, my main questions revolved around Mr. Lesser’s personal experiences in his position and what it entails. In the meeting my questions were answered to a great extent and if I had additional questions about his answers he was happy to elaborate. The questions were answered based on his own experiences, but also geared towards me and my experience as a student. This made the interview very helpful for what I want to learn and do as someone who is interested in