Interview of Health Care Leader Essay

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Interview of Health Care Leader
Lori Raulerson
April 30, 2012
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Interview of Health Care Leader
In today’s rapid changing world, leaders are very pertinent, especially in the field of nursing. Good nursing leaders have the ability to provide direction, facilitate structure to reach goals, and cohesiveness throughout team members. Leader by definition is “someone who uses interpersonal skills to influence others to accomplish specific goals” (Sullivan & Decker, 2009, p. 329). On the other hand a manager is different. Their goal is geared toward being responsible and accountable for the goals of the organization. Below is the summary of an interview with L.A. Patient Care Manager of Endoscopy/ Special
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It is important to make your staff and patients feel important, they need to know that you believe in them and that you are putting their best interest forward no matter what. Accountability especially for yourself and your staff is of the utmost importance as a leader as well. LEADERSHIP PHILOSOPHY
L.A. has her own unique personal philosophy when it comes to leadership skills. When asked this question, this writer has to admit to being a little taken aback by the answer given, she said to work yourself right out of a job. When she explained herself this answer became very clear cut, what she meant was to train your staff so well that the area can fully function with or without you there, that is the sign of a good leader. When your staff can hold down the fort without you that is when you know you have done your job and done it well. IMPORTANT LEARNING EXPERIENCES
The biggest personal learning experience she has had thus far was her participation and role in the building of the Maria Nathan Center of Excellence, she learned time management due to the long hard hours she had to put in during the construction of the center. She was very privileged in the aspect that she actually got to meet one of the donors for the building who taught her a lot about business and