Interviewing for a Job Paper

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Interviewing for a Job
Cherylle Ward

Financial stability is one of the main factors for a male or female to survive. Having a successful career with a stable bank account is also another important factor for one to live. But before a person can have any of these three factors, one must go through the interview process. Interviews can be easy for some, difficult for others. There is a certain protocol a person must follow to have a successful interview. In this report, I will describe the important rules and/or procedures for the preparation of an interview. He or she should already consider themselves ahead of the rest of the interviews simply because their resume gained the hiring committee’s attention. When one gets a call about receiving a potential interview, the first step should be to research that particular position and examine the job qualifications to make sure that if the interviewer asks any questions pertaining to the position, he or she will be prepared. A person may also need to research the company or organization thoroughly. This step is one of the most important simply because it prepares him or her for the questions about the company and can possibly make them the front runners for the position. From the research comes another process one should ask. The person should always have either 3-5 interview questions for the interviewer. Research as much information as possible. It never hurts to be more informed than others. Another step is that he or she should make sure they are properly dressed for the interview. Professionalism starts with attire. One should want to dress conservative but also comfortable and professional as well. A suit and tie is more suitable for an interview, no matter what position you are applying for. Even women can wear business suits and heels. Do not wear a ton of jewelry or cologne because a person does not want to turn the interviewer off by having too much cologne on or their jewelry shining in the interviewer's face. A person should really be concerned about what they are wearing because the first impression is everything for an interview. Their goals is to convince the interviewer that they are the best applicant for the position. So if he or she is not dressed properly, that first impression is most likely bad. Most practice their interview skills in the mirror with their full dress attire on. Practice makes perfect. The most important part of the interview is the interview itself. This can be easy for some but tricky for others. Many people get nervous during job interviews. For example, if one is nervous, they may use bad grammar, slouching or bad body language, pessimistic, forget to ask questions after the interview. A good first impression is key so one must make sure that the interview itself is subpar or excellent. Be on time for the interview. One should to arrive at least 15 minutes before the interview. Do not arrive late for the interview. That is one of the worst things to do because it shows that he or she is not prepared or ready for the interview. It also shows your time management skills need work. If one practices their interview the day before, he or she should know what time to show up. For example, a person should know the area and how much time it would take to arrive to the interview at a decent time. An interview can be one of the most nervous moments in one's life if they are not prepared. If a person who has practice interviews better than a person who has not had any practice, it is simply because practice makes perfect. Grammar is also a huge key in an interview. He or she should avoid certain words that make them sound nervous. The word "um”, is one of the more commons words one should not use. A person should also be themselves and show as much honesty as possible. Honest answers are better than que card answers. Que card answers make him or her sound like they are selling themselves but not sounding realistic.