Interviewing Stakeholders Essay

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Top Ten Stakeholder Interviewing Tips 1. Get a senior client administrator (PA, secretary, client team member) to set up the interviews for you. Preferably the CEOs secretary so no one will say no, delay and they will take it seriously. Ask for 2-­‐‑4 interviews a day so you get in the “groove”. Ask the CEO to send an email (you compose) explaining the importance of your work and asking for frank sharing of views. 2. Have specific objectives for each interview. Be able to articulate “I am here taking to you because ____________ and this is how it fits in with what the CEO has asked us to do”. It is about how you can help them, not how they can help you. 3. Write an interview guide for each interview. Point form is fine but write it down and have it on your lap. Write out the three most important questions for an interviewee, in case your time is cut short. 4. Write an introduction. Know exactly how you are going to introduce why you are there to the interviewee. Have a generic piece common to everyone that is consistent with what the CEO said, but also a specific idea of why it is so important to get this interviewee’s point of view on specifics. Assure confidentiality. i.e. no one comments will be attributed. This is important. 5. Send five questions to interviewee the day before. Nothing too controversial, but nevertheless ones that help address the hypothesis you are exploring. Make two or three generic questions (ie. Common to many others), but at least two that relate specifically the individual’s responsibilities. Ask for