Essay about Interviews and Observation of Two Leaders

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Interviews and Observation of Two Leaders

Through observing and interview two teachers I was able to gain some valuable insights into teacher leadership. Some aligned with what I was already thinking, while others were eye opening. My observation was of a teacher leader named MaGee, MaGee was in charge of our awards assembly at the end of May. MaGee found this opportunity through her committee, which we choose from a list each year. Perhaps my observations were not as in depth as I would have likes, because I felt like my two wordles did not look similar enough. So I also interviewed MaGee. In addition, I interview another teacher in my department named Terry. Through the three wordless, two interviews, and one observation, I was able to support that teacher leadership is about the school or community; it is about working toward a common goals and inspiring others to work toward those same goals.

Terry and MaGee unknowingly agreed that teacher leadership is not necessarily administrative but is being a positive role model inside and outside the school. It is also being an educational advocate in the classroom, school, and community and beyond. It means putting the group above you, whether that group is the students, the school as a whole, or the parents who are coming to see their students get awards. It is getting involved and working hard but not independently and isolated.

In observing MaGee at meetings and at the awards assembly itself, I saw her working with other teachers, listening to their ideas, making sure everyone had a clear vision of the what the assembly and meeting were to accomplish. I witnessed her interacting with parents and community members on the day of the assembly, as they came to see their students and/or arrived to present the awards. She greeted each person with a smile and a thank you for attending. She directed them to where they needed to go and pleasantly answered questions. She thanked the teachers who were in the assigned positions to escort students to seats and monitor behavior throughout the assembly. She even orchestrated the presentation of a diploma to a veteran over the age of 90. There were at least 20 community members presenting awards and scholarships, the entire senior class in cap and gown marched in while the orchestra played pomp and circumstance. Even the senior choir performed, it was quite an event while the entire student body, staff, and senior parents looked on. MaGee stayed calm and worked with those who were helping, she was not barking orders and overseeing. Leadership means working with others not telling them what to do. She was organized and disseminated information to the staff in a timely manner complete with maps and order of events. After the assembly was complete she sent a school wide email of thanks and followed up with personal notes to those who helped the most. MaGee is a teacher leader, though she never thought of herself as one prior to our interview.

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