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Into The WildPrompt: Explain why Chris makes the decisions he does that results in his death. Leave the reader with a sense of how they should feel about Chris and his decisions.
“Into The Wild Assessment” Throughout the book Into The Wild the main character, Chris McCandless, makes many decisions that most people in society would not choose to make. However, there is reasoning as to why Chris made the decisions he did, both before and during his journey, leading up to his death in Alaska.
After reading the book it is obvious that Chris McCandless is not a normal kid; he is very different from most people. He constantly isolates himself from the other students at Emory, from his friends, and from his family, resulting in his decision to make a solitary journey into the wilderness. When Chris decided to leave, this was when his isolation grew to another level. Chris pushed away the people who cared about him the most, and walked into multiple dangerous situations after another. Chris left his home for the third time, but this time permanently for many different reasons.
First off, to many people, (Especially Chris) the wilderness has a certain allure as a natural, un-corrupted place that’s free of the negative trends of modern society, a place where we can be free from it all, like an escape to contact your soul. However, actually physically living in the wilderness can be quite different from the romantic and perfect aroma expressed by those who see the wilderness as an escape. Chris had such a passion and love for nature and the outdoors as it states in the book, “Here is a quote that I couldn’t find cause I tuned in my book”. He was always very adventures, as this permanent journey was his 3rd backpacking trip alone. Chris’s passion for nature sprung his desire for adventure, and that was already being fueled by other events.
Secondly, the relationship between Chris and his father Walt was not always the best. Walt states in his interview with Krakour that there were always a lot of disagreements between them. However, Chris was very loved by his whole family including Walt- But Walt raised his son and shaped him into the person that he wanted HIM to be. Eventually Chris lost all toleration for this. Chris was a very smart, athletic, adventurous and passionate kid but once he started to think for himself, he realized that he doesn’t want to be a Walt McCandless #2. He became fed up with being told what to do and how to do it; this is what drove Chris insane with his father. He couldn’t stand being told how to live his live, both directly by people, and indirectly by society. This is why he had to find an escape…and that was into the wilderness.
Lastly, it is said that Chris was a compassionate person, who almost feels a responsibility for the many people who are poor and hungry in the world. On the other hand, his actions such as just leaving and his discontinued contact toward his family and friends were selfish and hurtful. Chris cannot forgive what he thinks his parents' desire for success and money affects his