Into the Wild Essay

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|TO: |Principle |
|FROM: |Ontario College Students |
|DATE: |March 1 2013 |
|SUBJECT: |Concerning Students Cellphones in Schools |
| | |
|As we all know, our society has become quite dependent upon cell phones, our children included. It has become an issue at school as|
|well, with student usage, talking, and primarily texting. For the most part, in exams is no place for the students to use their |
|cell phone. The only time student use is allowed, would be in an emergency situation, an example being school is dismissing early |
|due to inclement weather, in which we would issue a statement allowing time to call. A student should never call or text home due |
|to sickness. The sickness call must come from the office or the nurse. |
|If your child elects to bring a cell phone in exams, then he/she must understand that the phone should be turned off at all times |
|during the school day. We do not go around looking for phones, yet if a student has a phone out, just simply looking at it, |
|talking, texting, taking picture, anything, then the phone will be taken up and