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The epigraph written by Thoreau in chapter 12 is talking about how important in knowing the truth rather than anything else. If a person is living a lie then there is no point in life as they have wasted a life with a lie. He is stating that the more people in presence, the harder the truth will be kept. The more people a person is around, the more judgments, which can cause a lot of people to be untruthful just so they can fit in. Thoreau is also saying the quantity of money-oriented objects and friends a person have, does not measure the value of your life. The amount of honesty people have within themselves is what measures the quality of life. The main key to happiness in life is to be honest to yourself first then to everyone. Once a person lies to themselves, they become dishonored on the inside and will never be truly happy.
This epigraph creates the theme of honesty and betrayal that connects this passage with Chris’s life. He feels as if his whole life has been a lie, as both his parents have lied to him. After learning that his father was with another women then Chris’s mother, Chris is sickened and betrayed at his father and is never going to be able to trust him again. Chris had everything he looked-for and more. However, even though the McCandless family was famous in society and wealthy, the only thing Chris was missing was honesty. Chris had felt lied to and felt that he must find truth in his own life and living with his family was not a choice. The only way