Into The Wild By Jon Krakauer Essay

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Lindsay Kloth
English 11
4 August 2015 Into the Wild Assignment 4
Into The Wild by Jon Krakauer entails the true account of the strange expedition experienced by
Chris Mccandless. The author relays the unique actions of the adolescent who possessed strong naturalist beliefs. In a scattered chronological order, readers learn how a life of adventure eventually led to the young man’s demise. Within the book is a compilation of the man’s friends and family’s recollection of
Chris’s life. He is explained to have rejected standard views of society, especially opposing materialistic idealism. In hopes of finding liberation from average life, he sets off for an Alaskan odyssey. Along the way he relished in living life on the road and gaining acquaintances from hitchhiking. Throughout the novel, various themes are portrayed through the story of Chris Mccandless. Chris himself represented the construction of identity through actions, interests, and values. By deciding to abandon his previous life and start fresh, he reinforced the significance of identify. The simple act of changing his given name reflected the power behind a name and what it can mean to a person. Especially by embarking on his journey, Chris developed himself as a passionate naturalist who desired to live life to the fullest.
Additionally, Chris showcased the theme of self vs. society. His dramatic act of burning his money and abandoning his possessions separated Chris from the acquisitive world around him. Finally, a key theme presented all throughout the story is the allure of nature. Nature is seen by Chris and by the author as an escape from the chaos of society. Passages from Jack London, a naturalist, contribute to the proposition that the natural world is liberating. Nature is illustrated as enticing with its glorious beauty and serene qualities. However, it is also portrayed as cold, evil, and isolated. Despite the lonely, destitute