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Into the Wild Reaction Essay

The book Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer is a book about Chris McCandless’ experience and his life choices. Chris went to Alaska to live in solitude and get away from civilization. He wanted to live off the land and face the Alaskan wilderness and the forces of nature. Chris McCandless’ experiences reveal valuable life lessons about how you should keep your goals in sight and do not give up on those goals, do not listen to other people’s opinions about your dreams, and new experiences are key to a more fulfilling life. To begin, one of Chris’ main life lessons is to always go for your dreams and especially do not give up on your dreams for any reason. Chris knew what he wanted and did not stop until he got it. He was persistent in not staying in places very long and he got to where he wanted to be. He ended up dying for his dream, but he would not have wanted it any other way. Chris proved that you can get your dreams just some persistency is required.

In addition, Chris also did not take other people’s opinion into account he believed in what he wanted and he has the right to do that, but many people allow others to change their opinions about things. If Chris had listened to other people’s opinions he would not have gone on this journey of solitude. He left to go into solitude mostly because he listened to other’s opinions. He would have kept listening to those opinions , but he founded what he wanted and set his eyes on that and did not allow anybody change what his dreams were. Chris did not allow the other thoughts and negativity of others control him or his actions because he knew what he wanted.

Finally, Chris believed new experiences are key to a more fulfilling life. He went across the United States and went to Alaska. He had many new experiences with new people and some new