Into The Wild

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Into the Wild The film, Into the Wild, directed by Sean Penn is made from a book based on the true story of a man named Chris McCandless. Chris comes from a very wealthy family who at the beginning of the film, offer to buy him a car as he had graduated from Emory University. Chris rejects the gift and donates his own $25,000 in savings for Harvard Law School, to charity. He cuts up his credit cards, burns his social security card, and from then on takes a cross-country journey by himself, abandoning his old life and everyone he knows. He gets to Arizona where he abandons his car and burns the rest of the money he has. From there on we watch Chris taking various low level jobs around the country, meeting new people and making new connections. …show more content…
For example, Peter Christian a park ranger criticizes how extremely unprepared he was saying, “what he did wasn't even particularly daring, just stupid, tragic, and inconsiderate. First off, he spent very little time learning how to actually live in the wild. Essentially, Chris McCandless committed suicide.”1 He believes that Chris came to Alaska as a way to challenge himself with the harsh conditions of the wilderness. But the thing was, the wilderness was way too unforgiving, and the chance of survival for someone with a lack of supplies, food, and survival skills is very low. McCandless struggles to survive without these, lacking clothing for warmth in the freezing conditions, hunting tools for food, and durable boots for protection. Additionally, people may think he is foolish to think he could survive somehow, and that by leaving he was being selfish toward his loved ones. At the end of the movie, unfortunately, Chris finds and eats some berries he does not know are poisonous, and dies days later from starvation, as the berries left him unable to keep any food down. Some people view him as naïve, that he essentially asked for death because of his idea that he could withstand any problem that comes his way. Ultimately, his unawareness to how dangerous nature can be- killed him, and people may criticize his decisions