Into The Wild Materialism

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Many people believe the story Into The Wild by Jon Krakauer of Chris McCandless's final years is dangerous because it encourages young people to follow Chris’s footsteps and will result in their ruin or death. These critics are wrong, this is an important book for every young person to read. It is a story of a young man that didn’t like the way he was living and so he choose to leave everything behind to find what life was really about, who he was, and how he fit into the world. It is a question every person has in some point in their lives and in this book takes us on a journey and makes us think about the meaning of our own lives and how we want to live with them.

Chris McCandless choose not only to question the concept of materialism but to act upon his ideas. Chris gave up everything he owned and left behind his friends and family and former life in search of a simpler life and going back to the state of nature. Although Chris’s journey didn’t actually end the way he had planned there are still important lessons to learn from his mistakes and actions. Many people may dream doing the same thing Chris did but they are too frightened. By having the chance to read about Chris’s journey they can place themselves in his shoes and experience what it is like to give up materialism, to walk away from everyone they know, and to live in the wild without even having to leave their home.
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A key lesson to get from this book is that determination is important but without reality and preparation we cannot find success. Chris did not prepare before he went into the wild and he did not have a backup plan which led to his demise. Any young person who chooses to follow in Chris’s footsteps will succeed if they learned how to handle different situations in different ways as Chris has shown us as