Into The Wild Short Story

Words: 603
Pages: 3

Raven feels the breeze of the wind while finding something new to investigate, the evil snake. In town, there was a journalist named Raven and everyone loved him since everything he wrote down is true. Raven had seen a woman crying and asks “What happened?” The lady says, “My daughter has went into the forest and was eaten by the Evil Snake.” Everyone knew about the Evil Snake. Everyone wants to punish the snake but nobody is able to get proof since anyone that goes into the forest never comes back.
Then everyone looked at Raven and proposed he shall go get the proof. But Raven did not wish to go near the forest.
So the mayor and Raven had a chat. “Well why not?” the mayor questioned”, “Because I could die out there.” Raven said with an
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Raven yells into the cave saying “Hello is anyone in here.” It was still quiet until heard a sound like “Sssss”
“Who is out there.” the voice said. “I just came to visit.” Raven said. “Oh well come on in.” the voice said. As Raven came in he found out who’s voice it was and gasped. “you’re the snake who everyone knows about.” Raven said. “Well I am popular.” The snake had said. The snake wanted to eat Raven but was too full so the snake had said in her mind “I shall eat that humans flesh later.” “So why are you here human?” The snake had said. “I am just here to visit.” “Well okay but I will be outside for a little bit.” The snake had said. So as soon as the snake has left Raven had been writing everything in his journals. But then he heard cries of children under a boulder. Raven had said “Is anyone in there.” Then he heard voices of little children shouting for