Intro: Abuse and Videos Essay

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Viral vides and Humanity When we look back at our civilizations past it is hard not to recognize how far we have come, whether it is in terms of technology, fashion, business, etc. Unfortunately it is very evident that as human beings we have taken a big leap backwards with our compassion and moral consciousness. Today the only videos that are given the time of day are those filled with either violence and or ridiculous stunts to gain worldwide recognition. The human expectations for entertainment have taken a turn to a sadistic nature we humans try so hard to conceal but as of now openly shed light to this flaw. As civilized as we once may have been we are plagued with the likes of reality television and individuals who make money from sex tapes, outrageous personalities, etc. The provocative and shallow representations in the media have implanted in the minds of the younger youth that being arrogantly outrageous or making sex tapes is the key to making millions rather than hard work and decency. Adolescences are constantly bombarded with these unrealistic success stories that the youth will go as far as purposefully representing themselves in a negative light simply for attention not bearing in mind the possible repercussions. Humans are naturally civilized. We are not born violent but have increasingly become more and more violent every generation. In fact, majority of the videos that go viral today include either physical, emotional, and or verbal abuse. Most viral videos contain violence that as a society we find entertaining disregarding the fact that the people in the videos are not performing and could seriously be injured. Where has our sympathy as a society gone when we participate and view violence as if it is common? The viral videos that are posted today disgrace humanity and make us look extremely barbaric in nature. The worst of human acts are showcased and televised, and as individuals we have lost respect for the dignity and well being of one another. Viral videos today have inevitably become a part of our mainstream society; unfortunately these videos showcase the cruel mentality of human behavior, the recklessness of our society and the desperation the young generation has for fame. The internet allows individuals to have free reign to post anything they desire with no one to oversee and or justify how ethically viable the material is for society to observe. Understandably this is the purpose of the internet, but how understandable can the freedom of the internet be when the increase in malicious and sadistic videos is so overwhelming. In 2010 a horrific video was released to the public explicitly highlighting the ghastly animal abuse in china. The video shows a woman stomping on a baby kitten with her heels repeatedly until its death, the kitten’s moans and cries for help are clearly heard throughout the video. Going viral in less than 24 hours this video was seen on almost every social networking site acknowledged to society at the time. Despite most individuals claiming the video was unacceptable there was no effort to have the video removed or petitioned against rather the video received millions of unworthy views. This video is not only a case of abuse but also a reflection of humanities cruelness as it highlights humanities need for dominance and the cruelty that is attached with it. Civilization has become so enfolded in being the greatest and most powerful we are willing to lose our humanity with it. A lose of humanity means utter destruction for our civilizations morality which in this generation we cannot simply manage. Videos of teenage boys decapitating a dead body, a woman stabbing her boyfriend 20 times, and two guy’s one hammer are what society deems worthy of viral status unintentionally realizing what these videos say about our own society. We have openly allowed our morals to become less prevalent in our life’s creating a society that thrives on cruel and…