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Yi Li Intro to Aviation Flight report On Tuesday of the sixth week this quarter, with excitement, I went up to the airport, and got ready for my first time “pilot” experience. As soon as I got there, I met my flight instructor, and started the paperwork. After that, I got my headset and head to the plane I was about to flight. From there, we started the pre-flight. First, my flight instructor and I walked around the airplane, he introduce to me every part of the airplane, such as the nose, the propeller, the wings and so on. When he talked about the wings, he also showed me the Angle of incidence, which is the angle if attachment of the wing to the plane. He then told me their functions, and how everything works together as a whole. Then he started to get samples of “gas”, which looked like pure oil to me, and it is very clear. He explained the reason he did this is to check the pure level of the gas, as when it rained, sometimes water or other small substance may get in. As this gas has very small density, anything get in would sink to the bottom. He repeated this procedure four times, and all the samples are pure. After this, we started to head into the airplane. We adjusted the seat, wore seat belt and lab belt, closed the door, plugged in the headset wire for communication, putted on the headset and he started the engine. Immediately, I saw the propeller spin very fast, and heard the noise. Then we started the preflight check list, after everything is checked, he stepped on the rudder pedals and the airplane started to move. We turned a little, and got into the main runway. My flight instructor started to communicate with the Air Traffic Control Center and asked permission to take off, which he explained to me later, is Departure control. When we got to the end of the runway, we got the respond and had the permission to take off. So we turned around again, and then started to accelerate. He told me about the accelerate fluid and non accelerated fluid, and according to the Bernoulli’s principle, an accelerate fluid has less pressure than a non accelerated fluid. As we accelerate, he explained to me the take off roll, which is the distance required to take off. Right after he explained, he pulled the control yoke, and we took off. About a minute after we took off, we had our first left turn. He told me this is the traffic pattern, which 500 feet after take off, turn left. Also, as soon as we took off, the rudder pedals does not work any more, the control yoke is what works. Soon after we turned, we got to the center, where we neither landing nor departing. He then told me that all I need is only three fingers to control the airplane, and that is because when pilots flight alone, they need another hand to control the engine power and so on. Later after we leveled the flight, he had me to try to turn left and turn right, and play with the control yoke, just not to