Intro: Immigration to the United States and Unauthorized Immigrant Population Essay

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Should we roll out the red carpet and allow millions upon millions of thieves, gang members, and drug dealers to come waltzing into this country any time they would like. Illegal immigration is a hotly debated area right this moment until we figure out how to fix this issue it may never go away. There are a shocking 11.2 million unauthorized illegal immigrants in 2012 and that number is increasing as we speak
Mexicans make up about half of all unauthorized immigrants (52%), though their numbers have been declining in recent years. There were 5.9 million Mexican unauthorized immigrants living in the U.S. in 2012, down from 6.4 million in 2009, according to Pew Research Center estimates. Over the same time period, the number of unauthorized immigrants from Asia, the Caribbean, Central America and a grouping of countries in the Middle East, Africa and some other areas grew slightly.
states alone account for 60% of unauthorized immigrants—California, Texas, Florida,
New York, New Jersey and Illinois. But the distribution of the population is changing.
From 2009 to 2012, several East Coast states were among those with population increases, whereas several Western states were among those with population decreases. There were seven states overall in which the unauthorized immigrant population increased: Florida, Idaho, Maryland, Nebraska, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Virginia. Meanwhile, there were 14 states in which the population decreased over the same time period: Alabama, Arizona, California, Colorado, Georgia, Illinois,
Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Nevada, New Mexico, New York and
Oregon. Despite a decline, Nevada has the nation’s largest share (8%) of unauthorized immigrants in its state population.
Unauthorized immigrants makeup 5.1% of the U.S. labor