Introduction To Graduate Studies

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HCS/504/Introduction To Graduate Study In Health Science
March 06, 2015

A decision to come back to school for the purpose of completing graduate studies is not any easy decision. Not only, graduate studies differ in their requirement in comparison to undergraduate studies, but also graduate students are older in their age and mostly have to complete their education while having a job and a family. In my paper, I am going to present and discuss some main challenges a person may face while completing graduate studies and strategies to address them. My paper is going to be based on my experience as well as on data retrieved from books and articles.
First and the main challenge of completing graduate studies is integrating multiple roles graduate students have. Being a graduate student, a parent, a spouse and hold a job, all at the same time, is extremely difficult and presents the most significant challenge for many graduate students. In today's economy bachelor degree and work experience is not sufficient for achieving higher career level and desired material compensation. The "typical" path of the student--graduating from high school at 18, attending college for two to four years, and then finding a job right after graduation--is no longer typical. Today students follow different paths and different time schedules to reach their goals. However, whether high school graduation was last year, ten years ago, or achieved by working toward a GED, every student faces the challenge of transitioning to college-level work.( Carter, C., Bishop, J., & Kravits, S., 2011) A person who decides to come back to school for a completion of graduate studies should recognize that playing multiple roles at the same time may be very tough. This is not just a matter of taking care of your children and performing your job well, but also a matter of integrating all one's responsibilities and setting priorities. Managing your key resources time and money is a crucial part of your job as a student. Time is a finite resource—everyone has the same 24 hours in a day, every day and money is limited for nearly every student. Time and money are valuable resources. You need time to attend classes, study, and work on projects and papers (Carol Carter , Joyce Bishop , Sarah Lyman Kravits ,2011) One of the strategies to overcome the challenge of integrating multiple roles a graduate student might have is to be organized, set realistic goals and ask for help when necessary. A person who is going to complete graduate studies and who has other responsibilities like family and job should recognize that nobody is perfect and that setting realistic and achievable goals is the first step to overcome the challenge of integrating multiple roles. It will take work and persistence to pursue your objectives. The changes—positive or negative—that happen along the way are likely to cause some stress. If managed well, however, it shouldn't stop you from reaching your goals (Carol Carter , Joyce Bishop , Sarah Lyman Kravits)
That is; it is possible with some extra help and effort for a graduate student to overcome the challenge of integrating different multiple roles.
Second, but a very significant challenge for a graduate student, is a problem of the financial burden. Graduate studies involve large expenses. Finances can be especially problematic for self-supporting students who may have to come up with funds for tuition, books, and other college fees. Additionally, many older students—and even a few traditional-aged ones—are responsible for living expenses and supporting children or other family members on top of school costs. The more complicated the situation, the more it can distract you from your work and your academic goals.( Carol Carter , Joyce Bishop , Sarah Lyman Kravits p.70) One of the strategies to overcome this challenge is to know in advance the cost of studies and payment deadlines and to apply for the scholarship and financial aid in