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SYG 2000 – Study Questions
Chapter 1: Sociology & the Real World

1. What is the difference between practical and scientific knowledge?
2. Define sociology -is one of the social sciences— disciplines that examine the human or social world. The systematic study of human and society and social interaction
3. What is the importance of Howard Becker’s definition of sociology? sociology is the study of people doing things together because neither the individual nor society exist independently of one another
4. Define social sciences. How is sociology different from the other social sciences? Sociology looks at a broad range of institutions that other sciences don’t to better understand social relationships
5. What is the meaning of sociological perspective? How can we develop a sociological perspective?
6. Define the following: beginner's mind, a sense of culture shock, sociological imagination. Sociological imagination is a quality of the mind that allows us to understand the relationship between our particular situation in life and what is happening at a social level.
Culture Shock happens when you experience a sense of disorientation upon entering a new environment
Beginners Mind is the opposite of an experts mind, it is important that we clear our minds of sterotypes, expectations and opinions so that we are more receptive to our experiences
7. Who came up with the concept “sociological imagination?”C. Wright Mills
8. Compare and contrast the two different levels of analysis used by sociologists. Microsociology examines small-group interactions to see how they impact larger institutions in society and Macrosociology examines large-scale social structures to determine how they impact groups and individuals
9. Define macro-micro continuum.
10. What is a theory? Other names used to describe a theory? Theories in sociology are propositions that explain the social world and help to make predictions about future events , also known as approaches schools of thought, paradigms or perspectives
11. List the social theorists who laid the groundwork for the emergence of sociology. Their contributions to the development of sociology? Auguste Comte laid the groundwork for future sociologists and helped build the discipline
Harriet Martineau translated Comtes work in to English making his ideas accessible to England and America
Herbert Spencer was the first great English speaking sociologist. His philosophy is referred as to social Darwinism
Emile Durkheim worked to establish sociology as an important academic discipline
Karl Max contributed significantly to sociology’s conflict theory
12. List the three macro-sociological theories discussed in the text? Queer Theory Feminist Theory Postmodernist theory
13. What is structural