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1. Theater does have many meanings, when i hear the word theater i first think of live. So one of the meanings of theater would is a building where you can wacth live shows. Somewhere a show or preformance takes place. Theater is also know as an art form

2. The differerence between film and theater has alot to do with the audience and performer. This is true because when you go to a movie theater to see a flim you can watch the movie somewhat with so interrupitons. If you get up and walk out out of a movie theater becasue you didnt like the movie the actors wouldnt know. The movie will go on with or without you. When watching a film to me you cant connect to a character. You be able to understand and feel what the character is feeling but not connect. When attending a play/theater its live so anything can happen, the character may stop and start talking to the audience. They might trip and fall. And us a an audience conncet with a character because you youre seeing someone in 3D and seeing their movement. If someone messes up a line they have to keep going and make up something as they go. Thats the excitment. Nothing is edited. So in a film you cant interact with the performaers and in theater you can. In different ways such as laughing, cheering, clapping, booing. These things can change a performance in theater and not during a film.

3. An audience takes part in a theater history when they see a play because their making the production relevant. If no one wanted to see or even liked shakesphere years ago then it wouldnt have been relevant now. So buying a tickets and actually coming plays a big part in theater history.

4. There are three major modes of art
Literary: books, novels, comic books, screen writes
Visual: painting, sculputures
Performing: dancers and actor

5. They all are at the heart of theater so everyone can see them

6. Theater is a collabrative art because everyone has to work togeather to bring the show togeather. Different things have to be brought togeather and coordinate so the show cant go wrong. If something goes wrong like the curtain rising at the wrong time can make or break the show. Not only does the cast have to work togeather but but the director, manager, staff, stage carptenders, make up artist, costume makers, computer and light control. Going outside of the theater room you have to…