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BIO 121 Test 1 Review
Ch. 1 Intro
• Define homeostasis, describe how it is maintained
• Compare negative vs. positive feedback
• List the structural levels of organization
• 11 organ systems: function of each system + organs of each system
• All terminology: Directions, planes, regions, misc. vocabulary
• Body cavities, divisions, structures in each
• 4 Quadrants
• How to name a serous membrane

Ch. 4 Tissues
• Epithelial Tissue o Characteristics o Functions o Compare microvilli, cilia o Compare types of cell junctions o Regeneration: type of cell involved o For each type of e.t.
 Naming based of shape and arrangement of cells
 Function
 Location o Compare exocrine to endocrine glands o Exocrine glands: compare 3 modes of secretion + examples of each o Describe the structure of exocrine glands based off their description
• Connective Tissue o Functions o Components of matrix o Loose vs. dense o Classify c.t.

BIO 121 Test 2 Study Guide

• Structure of an atom
• Define Atomic #, Atomic weight
• Elements needed in the human body, including trace elements
• Describe Isotopes + clinical relevance
• Compare the 3 types of chemical bonds
• Define ion, cation, anion
• Electrolytes- what they are, how they are created, use
• Define Metabolism
• Compare the different types of chemical reactions that occur in the body
• Enzymes- characteristics, functions, how they work
• Organic vs. inorganic
• Water- properties,…