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Assignment 1

2. I discovered the website around 7 years ago when majority of my friends spoke about it. They were always going on it wherever we were, weather it was at school or one of our houses.
3. I go on it to watch the latest music videos and to be updated on what’s trending in the music industry. It also has funny videos to entertain people.
4. I would guess that there are over 1000 pages on this website because there are hundreds of new videos uploaded daily.
5. This site is unique because almost anything that is occurring in the hip-hop industry you can get the news from this website. If you’re an artist or have a funny video you may also send it to world star with the potential of them posting it. This has created a lot of stars just off of one video.

2. I discovered this website ten years ago when I first got a CIBC account.
3. It is used to do online banking, for instance I can check my balance, send email transfers, pay bills, place cash withdrawal limits etc.
4. I would have to guess that there are over 500 pages on the CIBC website because there are many options from contacting support, to changing personal information, to creating new passwords.
5. This site is unique because practically everything that is done in a bank can be done at the comfort of your computer.

2. I discovered this website four years ago when my roommate ordered me a pair of shoes.
3. This website is used to show viewers when certain sneakers are being released a long with the price. It also shows new sneaker concepts that are being developed as well as a sneaker watch, which shows the sneakers that are being worn by celebrities and athletes.
4. I am going to guess that there are over 300 pages on this website. There are many pictures to click on as well categories, sizes, brands and others just to mention a few
5. This site is unique not only because you are up to date on all the sneakers that are being released and sneakers from the past, but you can also enter the marketplace. You can sell new or used shoes and purchase them as well.

2. I discovered this website four years ago when I was randomly searching for new sites to download music since applications such as kazaam , and napster were no longer available.
3. This site is used to stream the latest hip-hop, r & b and rap singles as well as mix tapes, you also get the opportunity to