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1Gabriela Del Canto
Intro to Politics
Final Examination Essay

Polarization is when something is divided in two. A party polarization is when political parties prelude the search for a middle ground. Polarization or “Red- Blue divide” has not occurred among ordinary voters but only among political elites, while others say polarization has taken place among citizens generally. Polarization among the two parties has evolved with neither party willing to compromise. Division of Republicans and Democrats has lead to arguments over what each party proposes. The unwillingness to compromise has had a negative effect to the welfare of middle class citizens.

As political campaigns raise more and more money. The officials in Washington, D.C., have trouble finding an agreement on pretty much anything. The consequence of this polarization has not been favorable for the nation because it is not good be forced all the way to the extreme or the other. As well as society has become too selfish to hit a common ground. There has always been a natural disagreement between political parties. Historically from the Federalist vs. anti Federalist debate. Today this has evolved with Mass media which has helped take the conversations and issues to a difficult level. For example, today's issues consist of arguments between conservatives and progressives. Since some have the economic power they are at constant conflict with each other. Both parties with seemingly opposing views but controlled by the same ruling class. Which in the end does not have a positive outcome for those who are not benefiting from their disagreements. Perhaps political polarization is directly linked to private campaign finance during elections which maybe allows politicians to be persuaded to extreme policy objects. The fact that this political polarization exist has a negative connotation towards the American government system. With out a doubt the polarization that is happening in that both political parties definitely does discourages it's citizens to become active in politics.

In politics, gridlock political stalemate refers to a situation when there is difficulty of passing laws in a legislature because the votes…