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* Universal symbol of hospitality pineapple purpose taking care of ppl not a customer a guest eat, sleep, transport, entertain needs over wants guest needs physical good food, drink, bed psychological rest, relax, fun
#1 product service latin word: Servitium
“duties of a servant” service encounter pd of time in which a customer direcly interacts with a service how quality service is measured comparing service received by what u expect to receive
Burger is hot, fries are cold
Know what to expect
Favorite restaurant
How well you are taken care of
Judge the parking lot, restroom
Able to read customer nad know how they feel
Manager comes to see u
Achieving guest satisfaction
Recognize the guest
Positive 1st impression
Fulfill your guests expectations
Facilitate customer decision making
Would you like this amazing appetizer or upgraded room
Expect your customers to remember bad experiences
1 bad thing=7 good things to make up for it
2 bad things=14 good things ect.
Increases = expect. ^
Cesar Ritz
Ritz carlton
Marriot owns them now
Elsworth statler
Hotel buffalo statler
Owned by Hilton now
First modern hotel for middle class
First hotel chain guy
He said you have to pay when u checkin not out
Isadore sharp
Four seasons
Thomas cook
Thomas cook
1st pro travel agent howard Johnson howard johnsons (Ho Jos) ruth fertel ruths chris steak house jw marriot marriot hotels started hot shoppes during Great Depression (root beer) book of morman found there bc he was morman ray kroc mcdonalds bought them out from the mcdonald brothers ernest Henderson owned by star wood
Sheraton hotel
Couldn’t get the old sign down so they kept it Sheraton
Walt Disney
Dave Thomas
Named after his daughter
Dropped out of hs to work for KFC then started his own
Dom Perignon
Dom perignon champaigne
Was a monk in 1700 that didn’t drink but lived in vineyard
First to have carbondioxide in wine, messed up and thought he was a failure but his journal kept the goods and named it afer him
Roy allen and frank wright
A&W root beer
Marriots competitors vs. hot shoppee
Cecil B. Day
Days inn hotel
Big donors to GA state hospitality school
Kemmons Wilson
Went to Alabama
Holiday inn hotel
Conrad Hilton
Hilton resorts
Great grandfather of harris and nicky
Dan and frank carney
Pizza hut
Fred deluca

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Course evaluation
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4 tests 60%---no make ups ---lowest test will be dropped case study 15%

Why people travel
8 billion ppl in the world large % of older ppl with Wealth main reason=gather info longer life span men-76 women-81 flexible working hours take shorter trips early retirement more disposable income (2+) credit cards cheaper flights tech. recreation * 2 main reasons why ppl travel business pleasure tourist travel > 100 miles stay at least 1 night ex. Birmingham I would not be a tourist excursionist travel to a site return home the same day ex. Day trips/dates psychographic research price and sight group see the most things for least amt of money ex. Budget hotel located by everything sun and surf group good weather with guaranteed sunshine quality group first class gourmet dining and sophisticated entert.
Tourism facts
Annual gross sale: $7.1 trillion
262 million ppl are employed globalization expanding companies outside