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Socialization is, according to chapter 3 page 66, a complex, and lifelong process. Which to my understanding of socialization is having skills and habits to being part of their society and surroundings. Such as if you live in the “hood” you would need to be able to protect yourself from any harm you may face on a daily basis. As you move from place to place socialization could possibly change and you may have to adapt to how their society is.
The agents that may have influence on how you adapt to society are family, school, peers, mass media and athletic teams. Almost everywhere you go you are going to be influenced in some way. I believe the biggest influence are peers because everyone wants to be liked and to fit in.

I was born in January 27, 1995. I have two brothers one is 20 and the other is turning 9 in December. We lived in Essex Iowa basically our whole lives. When my older brother, Dakota, lived at home, it was always him and I hanging out or Preston, my little brother, and I but it was never the two boys together. Also my mom and I were always close, she is pretty much my best friend. I have a step dad whose name is Alan, He was always tough on me but now that I’m in college I understand why.
My family always gets together on every holiday and we normally celebrate at my house. We also go camping almost every weekend during the summer. Sometimes it gets a little ridiculous. My mom made it to every sporting event no matter what. My step dad wasn’t into going to school events for high school because his actual kids never invited him to those events.
My mom grew up in Essex so she was a very big Essex fan. We took pride in our home. We didn’t really value material things because that wasn’t what was important to us it was the things we couldn’t ever replace.
My mom was the person I always went to for advice she has made me a better person. I could go to her with anything and she would somehow make almost anything better. She is definitely the most influential person to me. I Preston was obviously treated as the baby being the youngest of us all. He could get away with anything with just a smile. Dakota was just the oldest he kind of did whatever he wanted. I was kind of relied on the most. My mom expected a lot from me which was completely okay. Preston also relied on me a lot after my brother had moved out of the house.

I graduated in May 2013 from Essex Junior Senior High School. My school was located in a really small town which I also lived in, its population is about 800 people and the school held 200 kids k-12. My school was pretty relaxed academically, which is why it’s hard for me in college. The only thing our school was strict on was how people treated each other. We really weren’t a nice bunch of kids.
I had one teacher named Mike Almquist throughout my senior year because I decided it was best for me to finish my year out with online classes. Mike was basically the only reason I graduated. He made me put my work before anything else, I had a set schedule for what time I came in and what times I could leave and if I didn’t have my work done I wouldn’t graduate.
Our school was very sexist among the students without the staff knowing about any of it actually going on. There was a lot of guys thinking the girls never really practiced hard enough during sports and the guys always thought highly of themselves over girls. The guys also didn’t know they were clearly outnumbered by us girls completely and they soon backed down with our attitudes. I still believe the girls are now top and have most of the say so in everything.

In elementary my so called friends used to call each other names and do extremely mean things to each other all the time. One time in the 6th grade we tricked a girl to be catapulted off of the teetor-totter. We lost recess for a week but it was almost worth it because it was hilarious. We never really cared about race and language we