The War Prayer, Chickamauga And Editha

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The first three works we’ve read, “The War Prayer,” “Chickamauga,” and “Editha” focus on war. Think about what these works suggest about the nature of warfare as well as people’s different (and often conflicting) views or understanding of war.

In your introduction name each story and then make some claims about how that how that author portrays war. Conclude your introductory paragraph with making a major claim, that is, the main idea that will control and shape your whole essay. Keep in mind that the claims you make about each story should tie in with this main claim. (Look at my first two sentences, which may give you an idea of how to shape your main claim of your essay. (You may use the points we developed in class about the three stories, that all reflect two contrasting views and understanding of war, as your main claim, but a top notch discussion will go beyond what we discussed in class.)

The body should discuss each story. Your discussion may include as many points as you wish, but be certain that it includes a consideration of the two views of war each story offers. Explain how the author brings out each view (dialogue? actions? a character's thoughts? authorial comments?). Also discuss which view of war the author seems to have. Be certain that you give reasons or justification for the side on which you position the author. (Explain what details in the text suggest where the author stands on the issue.) As part of your discussion of each story, be…