Intro to Biology Questions Essay

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1. If an endangered species such as the Santa River Woolly Star were to become extinct, what effects might this have on other species?
The community of organisms will be greatly affected if the Santa River Woolly Star were to become extinct. The Woolly Star is an interwoven strand in a crossing of organisms that are all dependent upon one another for survival. The Woolly Star also stabilizes the sand after flooding which has a [positive effect on other organisms.
2. What do the J- and S- shaped population curves indicate about the life span of an organism?
Organisms that live in a temporary habitat are examples of J shape growth curve. J shape growth curve indicates that the organisms outgrow the amount of resources available and death
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With meteorologists better understanding our atmosphere they should be able to make accurate weather predictions.
7. Are temperature gradients present in all biomes? What is one example of an adaption to a colder temperature range?
Temperature gradients are present in all biomes. In the case of a mountain on the low side of the mountain the air will be warmer as you ascend the mountain the temperature drops and is cooler.
8. Can you also give an example of adaption to a very arid environment?
Rich meadows and grassland prairies represent low amount rain flow and the vegetation is adapted to such. Pages 352–353, questions 1–10

1. Why do human beings play a unique role both in the degradation and the preservation of the biosphere?
Human beings since the industrial revolution have played a critical role in the degradation of the biosphere. Today human beings are beginning to determine resources for the preservation of the biosphere.

2. What is the importance of the greenhouse effect?
The greenhouse effect is a result of human beings increasing the Carbon dioxide amounts. Activities that create greenhouse effects are challenging to control because a connection between source and result cannot always be determined. Heat energy wavelengths that should be trapped within the earth is not occurring. Increased water temperature and moisture in the air result.
3. Could global warming be simply a part of the