Intro to Human Resources Essay

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Some information about the exam: * 40 questions * All multiple choice * 5% of questions originate from videos, 10% from assigned articles, 90% from lecture slides and book

Example questions: 1. This job analysis tool uses the following scales to rate the importance of tasks: extent of use, amount of time, importance to the job, and possibility of occurrence. A. Fleishman B. Position Analysis Questionnaire C. O*Net D. Job Element Inventory

2. Your company is currently faced with a labor shortage. You need to correct the situation, but want to choose an option that is fast, yet can be “undone” when the shortage goes away (revocability). Of the following options, which one
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trainable, peeps born with these * Abilities and other are less trainable, changes occur slowly * Be able to apply this information to an example about who to hire (from the example regarding football player recruits) * For this, just think about what you can train and what you are born with: you can train things like kicking form (skill) and football knowledge (knowledge) but you cannot train leg strength (ability) and personality (other)-> so you want to hire someone with the Ability and Other because you can train Skill and Knowledge

* Tools for job analysis * Types of tools (for example, Job Element Inventory) * Job element inventory, position analysis questionnaire, Fleishman system, O*Net * Which KSAOs does each tool assess (if applicable) * JEI: none * PAQ: skills, knowledge * Fleishman: abilities * O*Net: skills, knowledge, abilities, other * Rating scales each tool uses (if applicable) * JEI: barely acceptable, superior, trouble * PAQ: extent of use, amount of time, importance of job, possibility of occurrence, applicability to job * Fleishman: * O*Net: * Pros and cons of each tool * JEI: * PAQ: pros-the dimensions are linked to a general aptitude test and the dimensions are broad; cons- requires a reading level of college graduate to complete the test and standard format leads to an abstract characterization of jobs * Fleishman: pros- measures abilities directly