Research Paper On Introducing The Self

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Brianna Dike
Mrs. Cristobal
Social Psychology
Introducing the Self

The questions we asked ourselves almost everyday, “Who am I?” “I am a good person?” “What is my long term goals?”, and many questions running on our minds. These questions in our minds are called a Self Reflection. (1) “Self­reflection enables us to know about ourselves, control our actions, and present ourselves more effectively to others.” Now, the questions are in my mind and I am doing the self­reflection. All the self refection do is to assesses my strengths and weaknesses, contemplates how to reach their goals, and has a wonder how they come across to others. I also learned about myself more through a reflected appraisal process which that I observed and imagined what others think of me. The first basic questions that tend came up on our minds are “Who am i? How do I feel about myself?” The list of words that I describe myself within the self­concept, I picked two words that represent me the most which are strong and beautiful. Strong represents inside of me, I have been through really lot and tough times and I am still here smiling. Being a strong person inside and little of outside is beautiful, thinking myself as a beautiful person helped me to have positive thinkings and performances which made my personality beautiful. Another example of how I formed my self concept is understanding my multiple­selves. In Social

Psychology, this means that my other selves are what I ideally hope to become, what I think I ought to become, and what I fear becoming. I think I do have the three selves in me; the three selves are the evil, angel, and me. The evil one is when I want to have fun like breaking rules, do almost everything before I die. Which the angel one telling me that I have a future coming, ready for me to be a successful person and have a successful life. The result is that what did I pick and had done is that made who I am, is the third me. (2) “Where do our beliefs and feelings about ourselves come from? Sometimes we learn about ourselves through social comparison, by comparing our abilities, attitudes, and beliefs with those of others.” Since, I compared myself with others, I learned that I response the sexism situation well than the others by proving them wrong that females are just like males. When I was a little kid, I always assumed that people think bad things about me. I was wrong, and they tend to think that my life is almost perfect but that is when they didn’t know the whole story of my life. I analysed that when I was pretty young which did a self­perception procession. Since I already analysed really many things compared with my own age range people, I am a good analyst which is a thinker too. To be a good analyst and thinker required to have a high intelligence quotient, able to solve the high number of problems. Knowing that I have good chance to success at anything made me to be anti­quitter, pretty hard to give up.
That is where a self­concept and self­esteem come from. “A feedback is an opinion from a someone else.” My mother told me. So, how do I prefer to get feedbacks about myself? When a really harsh feedback got to me, I always listen to it and think that its a serious comment from a someone else. I dont take it as a insult or something that pulls me down but, if I get that same