Essay on Introducing the New Coke

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HBR Case Study: “Introducing New Coke”

1. What is the case about?

This case study is the story of Coca-Cola, its history and the report about one of the most fascinating stories about the company this is still regarded by many as a mysterious case: “the introduction of the new Coke”.

The author Susan Fournier, in the case study went on by presenting the history of the Coca-Cola Company: how the company started and how throughout its history it became a brand, a part of everyone’s life both nationally and globally. Anecdotes and little stories were told about how Coca-Cola became a part of the American Culture, it how it changed the way consumers around the world perceived the Christmas holiday (Coca-Cola Classic
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Pepsi’s strategy was focused more on the user, rather than the product. By identifying itself to its target, the new generation, Pepsi was able to channel its message. The “Pepsi generation” ad campaign was a great reason for the growth of the brand. I believe that Pepsi was starting to become a concern, not a threat to coke. In my opinion, Coca-Cola’s mistakes were what help Pepsi’s growth to a certain degree.

I believe that, if Coca-Cola took the time to keep an eye and research the competition and hire the right talent for the right positions, instead of focusing on internal problems reported by the case, it would have been better equipped to respond to Pepsi’s meaning making advances. I believe that they Coke should have stuck to their position and reinforce their position in the market that was already theirs, while developing news ways to adapt to the new trends of the culture in America. In terms of brand loyalty, Pepsi was nowhere near Coke, therefore Coke should of use that fact and keep on growing, because the brand was already established as a part of American lives, something that Pepsi, even with their meaning, wasn’t able to surpass.

5. What do you make of Keough’s marketing insights and Goizueta’s famous speech as chairman? What were their core assumptions, their mandates? Is this the stuff brand meaning makers are made of?

I believe that Goizueta’s famous speech, although rejuvenating was not the right course of