Introduction and Main Points Essay

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Shanti Harris
Com 181-Public Speaking
Self Evaluation-Presuasive Speech
May 07 2013

My introduction I would say it was an attention getter. I had opened up with a question asking the audience how they would feel. Yes I had the four elements of the introduction. I grabbed the audience's attention with my first sentence. Then I introduced the topic and told them why I am qualified to speak. I explained the benefits of listening and then previewed my main points. I believe my elements were done well.
Based on my topic I believe I chose a good audience for it. I had a pregnant woman, teenagers, adults, seniors, and even some that thought against my topic. The place I chose was my living room with a podium. There was enough seating for everyone, but at the start of the video my husband accidently didn’t get a full view of one of the audience members which was sitting in my kitchen she was around for the whole speech but changed seats during the presentation. The things I was once again nervous, I did practice a lot I just couldn’t get most of the paper memorized since there was a lot to it.
My appearance was appropriate. I had a dressy tank top and jeans, all I own are jeans no dress pants or dress shirts. My gestures I don’t think I had used any planned ones. I did have nervous gestures such as moving my hair and such. My body language could have been better.
My organization was good I had my outline done and had all the information I needed. I had 4 sources in my paper. I believe the outline was written well