Introduction and d. B Cooper Podcast Essay

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Although all the podcast were well organized, some were bring some interesting. This is what I think about each one. The star talk radio show was very boring talking about science and aliens, maybe because I don’t like science. Overall the sound quality was good I was able of hear him clear and very minimum reverb, but at some points the sound clarity was not good maybe because of his high breath. There were a lot of advertisements in the podcast. Mic seemed place right, and I did not hear a lot of reverb. The introduction was good, but the show was not appealing. The podcast was well organized. And the segments were also organized. The intro and outro music was good, but it did not match the tome of the show. They could have added a little music that would describe the aliens in listeners mind. Sound opinion was well organized, and would be interesting to people whom like listen to American music. I personally do not listen to American music, so I do not know much about the singers. The introduction was good his tone was full with spirit and connecting to supports. His organization of the show was good; he was talking about the singers and then plays their songs. The placement of mic was perfect and sound was not distorted at all. Every single word he spoke was clear. The outro and intro music was decent. The content of the show was also appealing, and well composed.
Hairy mango podcast was not well organized; its quality of sound was not that great, and also there were some problems with the sound clarity. The start was very awkward and I did not see any meaning into it. In some parts the background music was too loud it was hard to listen what he is talking about, for example in start background music was loud it was hard to understand. It was very boring there was nothing interesting, and it was not even funny. There was little bit of reverb in it. Mic placement was…