Introduction: Birmingham and Value Proposition Essay

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Delivering the value proposition of malmaison. First I will like to introduction the main points of my ppt. there are three main of my ppt. is the calue proposition of malmaison, available resources to deliver value proposition and critical success factors. First part is the value proposition, the definition of value proposition is the perceived functional or emotional benefit which is offered to the customer. And in my opinion, the value proposition also can say that what the customer gets for what the customers pays. As we know, malmaison hotel is a hotel group. There are 13 malmaison hotel in the Uk. So they have experienced services and management. In malmaison hotel Birmingham, customer can find a comfortable and beautiful decorate room. Enjoy there time in a place that you can feel relax and is easy to find the place if customer like fashion and shopping. On the other hand, malmaison also has a very good environment for business people. They have modernization meeting room, and near the financial centry. Is a good choose for business man. Second part is the available resources to deliver value proposition. I got to main porint. First one is Location. Malmaison hotel is located In mailbox, as we know, mailbox is a life-style center which is including fashion, home &lifestyle restaurants& café bars, hotels,salon and spa. Customer live in malmaison can enjoy they all day, no matter you want eat delisure food or drink a beer, it just all in one building.