Introduction: Mother and Deairra Lawrence Aiu Essay

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Introduction to Philosophy
Individual Project
Unit 2

DeAirra Lawrence
September 8, 2013


This paper will discuss a love that someone has for you, whether it’s your mother, significant other, and maybe your child. How can you tell if the person loves you or do you believe the person loves you? There will be an argument for why you chose to categorize the idea as either knowledge or belief. Once done with the evidence, do you still maintain your original categorization of knowledge or belief?

My Mother’s love is true to fact because the feel I feel when I talk with my mom or see her. The embrace that she gives shows that she loves me and the things she does as a mother gives you the thought of knowing she loves me. When things line up as such it’s the definition of knowledge. It is instilled in us at an early age that the parent loves us and they will be the sole provider of the child until they come of age. The love that parent show is nothing like the world would show once you become older and the child/children become overwhelmed by such. Logic is understood when the parent provides for their child and this is a way to show the child that they are loved by the parent. My mother was and is my sole provider. She provided everything that I needed growing up and beyond. She made provisions to make sure my brother and I was well taken care of and continue to help me in my adulthood. In order for my mother to show the love and provided for us she worked at night shift job and went to beauty school in the day time that way she made a better life for us. I know sending us to private school was not easy as a single parent. I believe a parent that loves their child will sacrifice their life and make a good life for the child before their own needs. My mother made sure we were in bed before she went to work and express her love as well. I know my mother loved her kids because she showed it by doing and