Introduction Of Bicycle Sharing System

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1. Introduction
Nowadays, transportation in urban area is highly complex as it involved various modes of transportation, locations of the origins and destination and also the population of that particular urban area. The focus of urban transport has been more on passengers as many major cities were viewed as locations of utmost human interactions. Mostly, they move from one place to other place for the purpose of commuting, commercial transactions, leisure or for cultural activities. Beside, urban passenger transport system is one of the medium helping to have better quality of life for every living community. It provides personal mobility and freedom for people to walk, use para-transit vehicle or use other non motorized transport
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According to the survey cited in the French Daily Le Parisienm, at least 50% of local people think this system is the best medium for encouraging the urban passenger transport by using a bicycle that could support all the objectives that the local government wants to achieve.

A. The aims of the Vélib bicycle sharing system.
Add a new dimension to urban mobility
Extend and complete the range of public transport services
Integrate the options into a seamless multimodal package
Available on-demand
For city-length journeys.

B. The main justification cited for these systems is that they:
Provide cost-effective on-demand transportation
Reach out to destinations un- or under-served by other modes of transit
Require fewer infrastructures than other modes of transportation inexpensive to produce and maintain
Do not add to traffic congestion
Do not create pollution in their operation
Improve cycling safety by sharply increasing number of cyclists on the street
Cut back on theft of personal bicycles
Provide users with the added benefit of healthy exercise.

3.2 The Bike System

Vélib bikes are designed for mass use.
Study with no visible cables, equipped with a basket for bags and groceries with an integrated lock to prevent bags being snatched.
The bikes are grey in color with no advertising on them.
Heavier than the common bicycles.
Have three gears.